Grove Bags is the cultivators choice for a reason. Growing premium cannabis is expensive and challenging. Why depreciate that investment by not properly packaging your product to maintain its integrity throughout the entire supply chain?

Package What You Grow

Grove Bags product line addresses the major pain points cultivators face being upstream in the supply chain, creating packaging the ensures what you grow is enjoyed as intended when it reaches the dispensary shelves.

Prevent Cross Contamination

Our Grove Bag anti-static liners were designed for cultivators to help you prevent trichome loss and cross contamination. If any freshly harvested cannabis had mold spores or fungal diseases, the liner can be thrown out so the tote or drum won’t contaminate the entire harvest.

Recommended Products

For cultivators in the industry, we recommend our liners that utilize the benefits of our film with industrial strength liners made for 27-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums. They are the ideal option for storing large quantities of flower or trim.

Package what you grow.

Sell the best. Always.

Can you cure in bags?

Once your product is properly dried and the inner moisture has been sweat out you can seal your Grove Bag and it will outgas excess water vapor and oxygen to optimal levels for curing cannabis and extending shelf life. TerpLoc™ films will create and maintain the ideal microclimate for cannabis allowing you to shorten lead times and free up warehouse space.

What do you use to close your liners and wickets?

All of our wickets and liners are designed to have enough of the bags material once filled to tie the bag off with itself however we have a number of customers that prefer to use zip ties or twist ties as a closure.

What is the best process for long-term storage in your bags?

Our bags will generate the optimal gas mix and relative humidity levels for long-term storage of cannabis once sealed. All you need to do is dry your product and sweat out the inner moisture of your buds and then heat seal your Grove Bag. There is no need for any supplementary packaging products such as 2-way humidity packets, oxygen scrubbers, or nitrogen sealers.

Quality Design

The anti-static layer design feature will keep the tote or drum from stripping trichomes off of your product when storing large amounts.

High Performance

Our liner are the same thickness as contractor bags so they are both industrial strength and puncture resistant to support large quantities of product.