Grove Bags product line addresses the major needs of distributors in the packaging industry, creating domestically made packaging that can can serve every part of the market while still providing generous margins.

New Industry Opportunities

With Grove Bags custom sizing and down gauging, you can bulk order custom tailored packaging for your customers. Use this dramatic difference to capitalize on different industry opportunities and attract a wider spectrum of customers.

Sell the best. Always.

Finding quality packaging to sell is a continuous pain point for distributors in the industry since what you sell directly affects your brand value, so why not sell the best the industry has to offer and make yourself stand out of the pack.

Recommended Products

For distributors we recommend all of our Grove Bag products, but especially our Wicket Bags that are perfect for all bulk storage needs. Coming in two different sizes, the small size can line a 5-gallon bucket and the large size fits into a 27-gallon tote when full. You never have to sell a turkey bag again!

100% American-Made Products

Constantly upgraded technology

Where are you located and what are your turnaround times?

Grove Bags is headquartered in Cleveland, OH and all of our products are sourced, manufactured and customized in the United States, dramatically reducing lead times, especially for our stock product lines.

What does your wholesale pricing model look like?

We offer pricing tiers that enable packaging distributors to purchase in bulk and take advantage of great margins selling at MSRP.

What are the options for warehousing our product?

With facilities across the US, we have the ability to store excess product and then drop ship as needed to our customers.

Quality Design

Made from our Terploc film technology with added UV protection to protect against THC degradation for extended periods of storage.

High Performance

Bound together with a metal bracket and have a perforated lip so they can tear off for quick and easy filling.